Neo Humanism

Neo Humanism has been described as spiritual humanism or universal humanism and is the feeling of love for not just humans but animals, plants, the environment, in fact the whole of the creation. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti said:

“When the underlying spirit of humanism is extended to everything, animate and inanimate, in this universe – I have designated this as Neohumanism. This Neohumanism will elevate humanism to universalism, the cult of love for all created beings of this universe.”

The key to Neo Humanism is Divine Love, Love for God or Cosmic Consciousness manifested in all of creation. It is not a dry intellectual concept to be experience just in your mind, but a loving devotional experience with Supreme Consciousness, to be experienced in your heart.

The Sanskrit word for love for Supreme Consciousness is Bhakti or devotion. Neohumanism is based on this sentiment of love for God in all things and people. Normally our sentiments are for everything but not God, however with neohumanism it is different. This devotional sentiment needs to be cultivated and protected from all forms materialism and worldly sentiments.

Normally we have strong sentiment for ourselves and our family and love ones. Greater than this is when our sentiment grows out of love for the indigenous soil of a country or particular place. This is called geo sentiment. From this there are many expressions of geo sentiment like geo-patriotism, geo-economics, geo religion, communalism, nationalism, stateism and provenceism. According to Shrii Shrii Anandamurti:

“…what is the role of devotional sentiment, the most valuable treasure of humanity? It is to transform the sense of worldly existence into the supreme spiritual stance. If a materialistic philosophy contains any narrowness, like the geo-sentiment we discussed, an imbalance is bound to occur between the inner and outer worlds, and psycho-physical imbalance will be inevitable. That is why, in spite of possessing everything, people will remain poor and deprived. In the past this geo-sentiment has caused enormous harm to many individuals and groups of people. Intelligent people must keep themselves aloof from this geo-sentiment and support nothing that is based on it, because it pollutes the devotional sentiment; it degrades human beings and undermines human excellence.”

There is another sentiment which is even more expanded than geo sentiment because it can hold many more people. It is called socio sentiment. This sentiment does not confine us to a particular area but to a particular group. So here instead of thinking about the welfare of a particular area we think about the welfare of people in a particular group, excluding everyone outside of that group. In other words, it is groupism.

These groupist sentiments, positive or negative, can be applied to a particular race, sex, gender, religion, language, creed, ethnicity etc. In the past many wars, social disruptions and injustices have been because of this socio sentiment.

There is still yet another sentiment which is a bit better that socio sentiment and that is human sentiment. Many people shed tears over humans suffering but will not give a second thought to the suffering or destruction they may cause animals or the environment. A Neo humanist with love all equally, humans, animals, plants, the environment, everything .

The antithesis to Neo Humanism is materialism and the different dogmas born out of Geo and Socio sentiments. Various social, economical, religious and cultural exploitation occur causing harm to Neo Humanism. It is very difficult to cultivate higher sentiments when exploitation has meant one’s basic needs like food, clothing, shelter etc have been restricted or stopped completely. Cultural exploitation through “Pseudo culture” is another enemy of neo humanism.

Pseudo culture is when a particular group, a country or multi national, imposes its own fake or materialistic culture over others culture. They forcibly imposes its language, dress, ideas, media etc onto another group or community, which paves the way for exploitation by paralysing those people psychologically. The crude materialistic aspects of so called western culture is an example this exploitation through pseudo culture. The end result of loss of hope & purpose, increase of selfishness, depression and cynicism.

Regular meditation or any spiritual practice, on Supreme Consciousness, is the main way to develop Neo-humanism. This also means avoiding and fighting against the enemies (Geo & socio sentiment, dogma and pseudo culture) of Neo-humanism.

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