About Ac Na’rada Muni

HK-3My name is Ac Na’rada Muni (aka. Paul Narada Alister) and I am a meditation teacher or Acharya (Ac). I was trained in India by the international meditation and social service group called Ananda Marga (path of Bliss). I first learnt to meditate when I was 17 (1972) and have been teaching meditation and yoga for over 40 years.

I live in the small town of Maleny, Sunshine Coast, Queensland with my wife and one of my four children. If  you are interested in learning to meditate, free of charge, contact me. If I cannot reach you for giving personal instructions in meditation, I probably can tell you where you can receive them.

For more information on the meditation visit my link Learn to Meditation

I have written a book about my colourful past, which includes my spiritutal journey in life. It’s called Bombs Bliss and Baba!

A two part series for TV is also presently being worked on, based on my book!