Learn to meditate

Meditation is the means to inner peace and Bliss!

The meditation that I teach, free of charge, is mantra based with various visualization techniques to withdraw the mind from the outside world, the body and eventually from the mind itself, to the endless bliss of Cosmic Consciousness or Higher Self – God!

Normally an introduction meditation is first given by me, with a special mantra suited to you – the mantras vary from person to person. If after a few weeks of regular practice and both you and myself think you are ready for the next level, the “First Lesson” meditation is given. There are six “lessons” given, each one a new meditation which builds on the other lessions. Some only want the introduction meditation which is fine too. Some only want to meditate to reduce stress and tension in their life, while others want that but also Enlightenment or Self realisation, which the lessions are designed to achieve.

It does not matter what your belief system is – religious, atheist or something in between, because the meditation is based on personal experience, not personal beliefs.

This meditation system or yoga comes from ancient Tantra yoga, which means to liberate from worldly bondage’s or limitations. It is not focused on sex as often has been misrepresented as meaning. Tantra teachers how to spiritualize everything we do in our worldly life, which for many include sex. But the focus is on God Consciousness or our higher spiritual Self. Many Tantrik yogis in fact are celibate and dont see the need for sex. They say divine Bliss is better!

While worldly life and sensuous enjoyment are not prohibited as it is in some other paths, Tantra teaches moderation, ideation and meditation as the path for worldly life. ‘Moderation’ mean moderation in all worldly or sensuous enjoyments, be it sex, food, sleep etc.

‘Ideation’ means to keep one’s mind on our higher Self or Cosmic Consciousness while following moderation in the world. Specific techniques are taught for this. ‘Meditation’ means when we are meditating regularly, we gradually get the strength and spiritual elevation to ideate more  and restrain our selves more, so we gradually lose interest in worldly enjoyment, allowing more attention for spiritual enjoyment or the “Bliss” of higher Consciousness.

Tantra was originally systematized by the great Yogi Lord Shiva (Sadashiva) about 7,000 years ago, and re introduced by Lord Krishna (Krsna) about 3,500 years ago. The guru of Ananda Marga, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, reintroduced Tantra yoga again, to suite the physiological and psychological changes and needs of the present modern person. The eight limbs of Astunga yoga are also included and are a part of the meditation practices or “lessons”.

Ac Na’rada Muni