Meditation is not about blocking your thoughts!

Many people think Meditation is about blocking your thoughts! This is a common misconception about meditation. The goal is not to block your thoughts nor to have no thoughts. The nature of the mind is to think so to try and suppress thoughts is unnatural and wont work. You may be successful in the short run but ultimately the mind will react and become even more unruly! To think you are not thinking is a thought too! The real purpose of the meditation is to control, not suppress or stop, your thoughts.

And the way that is done is by giving the mind something specific to think about. This is where the mantra becomes very useful. It gives the mind, which by nature always needs to be thinking of something, something to think about. By gradually learning to focus on just the mantra to the exclusion of everything else, your mind becomes more and more concentrated and real meditation can begin! Meditation in sanskrit is called “Dhyana” which means the flow of thoughts towards the Supreme Self or Cosmic Consciousness. It means to have your thoughts flow like a river toward the infinite Sea of Consciousness , where unlimited peace, love and bliss awaits you!

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